The human body is meant to squat, push, pull, carry, and locomote. These movements should be preserved, practiced and perfected. As a culture, we are slowly evolving into the shape of an office chair!

We are avidly committed to helping you adopt a healthier lifestyle. Results Personal Training is a 5200 SQ ft Cleveland personal training gym owned and operated by husband and wife team Aron and Erika Kohler. We have over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

We develop and customize programs for all of our clients/athletes based not only on their fitness goals- but their progress, energy level, injuries and mood.

We are part of an elite group of trainers certified by Dragon Door for Hardstyle Kettlebell Training. Aron and Erika are both Olympic Weightlifting Club Coach Certified. Aron has his BS in Exercise Science from Kent State. Erika is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and recently obtained the prestigious ISSA Specialist in Senior Fitness.

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We have an A rating on Angie’s List. We also have been featured multiple times on Groupon, Crowd Savings, Mimi Vanderhaven, and Living Social. We have written fitness articles for Cleveland Magazine, Cleveland Jewish News and JStyle.


YOUR rehab. On YOUR terms. Why? Because, it’s about your body and returning to your lifestyle.

On-Site Physical Therapist Carol Ferkovick Mack’s CLE Sports PT & Performance understands the unique demands of an athlete’s body. Whether it’s the Olympics and Division I athletics, or the Cleveland Marathon, yoga, and CrossFit- each athlete has a goal. And our job is to make sure an injury doesn’t hold you back from that goal. Good rehab strives to make an athlete #BETTER than before the injury.

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WHY IS MOTION ANALYSIS SO IMPORTANT? We use the technology for rehab, injury prevention, and training.

Interested in a free 15 minute consult? Contact CLE Sports PT & Performance to start getting #BETTER. http://clesportsptandperformance.com/



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