Results Personal Training

Located in the Eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio since 2009, family owned Results Personal Training is comprised of a highly educated and professional Certified Personal Training team, for all levels of training. We have experience with athletes from grade school to college-and have trained clients well into their 80's.

We are Team USA Weightlifting Certified (Great Lakes Weightlifting Club)

Rounding out your health and fitness regime, we have 2 Certified Massage Therapists, a Registered Dietitian, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy-all on site.

Whether you are a first time gym goer that is trying to embrace a new health regime, or the Olympic Weightlifting fire-breather, you can feel confident in both the trainer who supports and educates you, as well as the laid back atmosphere. This private gym with a friendly vibe is the place for you to embark on your fitness journey.


We are the ONLY gym in the Cleveland area to have a Registered Dietitian, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and 2 Massage Therapists on site to accommodate all of your health needs!